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We understand that running your website is a full-time job. But hey you already have one! Running your business.

Don’t worry Social Wolves pack is here to help.

We do all the heavy lifting related to the website, so you can stay laser-focused on growing your business.

In laymen’s terms, we make your website perform like a Swiss watch. 

We Optimize Your Site in 5 Different Ways

  1. We review your On-Page SEO
  2. Audit your Off-Page SEO
  3. Improve your Technical SEO 
  4. Make Sure Your Customers Can Find you With Local SEO  
  5. And Increase your Site Authority by getting you reputable and relevant external backlinks
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Why Do I Need On-Page Search Engine Optimization?

Each Page on your site has a purpose and that purpose is to be found and share its content with the reader. 

Social Wolves will follow the best practices and principles to optimize your website pages in a way that shows relevant and lucrative keywords. 

1st we have to make a full audit of your site.

Then do our keywords and competition research and find out what would be the best way to get you ranked #1 on Google Search.

Once we devise a plan of attack we execute it. 

We make sure all your website pages have relevant tags, meta descriptions, headlines, and content structure, and relevant internal and external links that will help you outsmart your competition and become the Alfa in Your Industry.

What Is Off-Page SEO and Do I Need It?

Off-Page SEO is a key element to making your site look more reputable. It is essential for growing your digital credibility. 

But what is it? 

Off-Page Search Engine Optimization is a process of getting external factors to boost your brand’s recognition of the site. 

You write this amazing blog post about your niche and you do all the steps in your on-site SEO checklist. What would you do next?

You got it right. Having a great post or a press release is a great way to boost your digital street cred. Leverage the power of social media and influencer marketing and reach audiences that would not get to engage with your content via a simple search.

Another great example is having satisfied customers leave reviews and testimonials on your site or reputable business directories such as Google, or Yelp

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Is Technical Search Engine Optimization A Must?

Technical SEO is one of the primary indicators that search engines use to decide if your site is worthy of any exposure.

For many people, technical Search Engine Optimization is the biggest headache and is often a reason why a page doesn’t rank as high as it could…

Social Wolves will audit your site and quickly find out if your site is up to the latest standards.

For example, is your sitemap crawlable and indexed?

Is your page loading fast enough?

Is your site mobile-friendly? 

Do you have many dead links and unnecessary redirections that slow down your site? 

Explore The Power of Local SEO

Any business can take advantage of Local SEO best practices to boost its revenues. 

Local SEO will Increase your organic customer exposure. People will be able to find your business with a sexy map, address, and all your contact information right from the search. Moreover, this powerful tool will help you stand out and best many of your local competitors. 

To dominate your city or area Local SEO is your best friend and it will require your business to be listed in local business directories and get quality reviews from satisfied customers. 

If you have a physical store you MUST have the right tools to work for you not against you!

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